Saturday, August 29, 2009

ROB & ... ree?

Pardon the lack of updates...but, as usual...I'm paying BILLS.

The 3D animated series, DA JAMMIES is in post production and coming along nicely. Meanwhile, I'm directing flash animated shorts for skateboard giant, ROB DYRDEK. You might remember Rob from his first MTV show, ROB & BIG which ran for 3 seasons. Now, he's on his second show in its second season for MTV called, THE FANTASY FACTORY.

WILD GRINDERS is the name of his toy line which is now becoming an animated property in conjunction with MOONSCOOP. Check the press release here

I visit the factory once a week and this time I had my flip camera with me to capture some of the action. Check it:

Featured in the video is Art Director/Designer of the Wild Grinders Tracy Tubera and fellow Moonscoop Director, Guy "he's broken" Vasilovich.

Stay Tuned ;)


Monday, August 03, 2009


okay...I've been back from Comic-Con for a week and I'd say I'm decompressed by now. But, to recap, it was a success in terms of awareness. Every kid that stopped by our booth...parents included were in love. See yourself...
We even had a few tyrannical children make their parents stay until the ENTIRE episode was finished. Good times :) But, the main reason i was there (and also the main reason not too many pictures were taken this year) was to promote our panel, which was held on Saturday night (of all times). I wanna give a shot out to J-NAUGHTY for making that happen...and all in all, given our time slot we still mangaged to get a decent turn-out. Thanks to everybody that came, laughed, and supported...
Soooooooo...just this passed Saturday I spoke on an animation panel at the OBS (Organization of Black Screenwriters). I talked a lil bit about my experience, possible methods of getting projects made independently, and just vibe with my people for a bit about the medium...
I finally realized that panels would be a good time draw a captivated audience :) ...
As if I don't draw enough, I went to a church picnic on Sunday and decided to do FREE CARICATURES for anybody who DARED step to me :) ... yes, i said, FREE...because anybody that knows me professionally KNOWS I don't do FREESTYLES, homie. But, hey, it's for Jesus :) So why not?... ironically, the first person that steps up was a COP by day and DEACON on Sunday ;) That's pretty brave if I do say so myself. Anywho, I was way out of practice...but, it was fun to entertain and see the reaction on peoples faces. That meant alot. Here's some highlights from the day ;)
oooo...that volleyball is time, Tiger ;)

this kid said he liked to draw...
Yes...she actually requested to be a cheerleader (bad picture on this one)...head a lil wonky...but, her friends were clownin' and said she had a "tomato head" anyway (shrug)
this lady said she wanted to be a cross between Beyonce and Janet Jackson. You be the judge ^_^
(sigh) and to all happens all over again today, and tomorrow, and the day after that, and next week, and...

See ya'll in a minute.

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