Friday, April 17, 2009


The sketch above was posted in 2006 here . Just one of those hour long sketches directly in Photoshop to unwind. Then, my buddy GORO was inspired to do some visual development on the theme as well. We had fun with it and that was that. Two artists just having fun with an idea. He and I actually did the same thing with an idea he created called "PLASMABALL." 

So back to War Wabbits...3 years later...I get a email about THIS BELOW.

Now, of course, I'm not claiming these people stole MY idea. It's actually based on a Manga called, "Apocalypse Meow (US)" that came out in 1996 by Motofumi Kobayashi. Ironically, I've never seen that manga...but, 10 years later while I sitting in the studio thinking what if I juxtapose fuzzy cute rabbits with war machines and ammo I come up with WAR WABBITS.

I thought it was crazy and nevertheless, NEW. Stupid me...these are ideas! Nothing is new...but, it's really about who gets it out there first. And, of course, with the help of someone powerful and high enough to greenlight funding to get it made. (sigh)

Seriously, the real point I'm making is that we should all be a little bit more invested about our ideas. No matter how off the wall they seem. BELIEVE. 

Just because that sketch is on a napkin or it only took you 15 minutes to paint that doesn't mean that it's the end of that idea. Just because it's about an ass with a gun that talks or a square sponge whose best friend is a starfish. Ideas can live longer than you or I but it's up to us, the creators, to take a strong interest in ALL that we create and actually make them as BIG or BIGGER than we can imagine. I never imagined WAR WABBITS as a movie. Maybe, Motofumi Kobayashi didn't either. 

But, the point is...we had the same idea...but, one took it a step further...
and his copyrights and trademarks are waaaaaaay more established than mine so there's absolutely nothing i could do anyway :D

Time to go think of something "new"

- out


Blogger Goro said... least I know you came up with the war rabbits way before those guys were born ;)
You know what? We should do a plasma ball tournament feature film right now!
I really like the smoking girl on top btw!

2:38 PM  
Blogger Stuart Livingston said...

damn, inspiring you got me all motivated! :P

12:52 AM  
Blogger DeJarnette Designs said...

Inspiring message.

2:38 PM  
Blogger Is-boset said...

it happen to me very often when you think you have a great and fresh idea and you just waiting for the perfect time to do it, and.... you know the rest. But tha'ts no mean the end of War Wabbits as you say don't stop believeing, I would like to se your version.

By the way thanks for the inspiring words.

8:32 PM  
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