Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Post NY-Comic-Con

After a horrible plane ride, I landed in JFK, bounced in a cab and went straight to the hotel for a nap. Here was the view from my room on the 33rd floor of the NY Palace Hotel on 50th and Madison.

Then, it was off to the NY Comic-Con to promote the piece I directed for B.E.T. entitled:

On the production side, a big shout goes to my animation assassins at Six Point Harness Studio for making this come to life. On the network side, big thanks to President of BET, Reginald Hudland, Sidney Clifton at Film Roman and SVP of B.E.T. Animation, Denys Cowan (pictured below) for giving me complete creative freedom.

After some technical difficulty, the film made it's world premiere and received a standing NEW YORK. Expect more collaborations with B.E.T. in the very near future.

Afterwards, I hung out with East Coast animation veteran, Kevin Lofton.

He's currently directing animated versions of Smokey and Craig for MTV's new series, "FRIDAY." Not to mention, he has the best pictures from NY Comic-Con. He took a picture with GARY "WHAT YOU TALKIN' ABOUT WILLIS" COLEMAN. Here's the taker: Gary Coleman charged him 5 BUCKS!! ...and was at booth taking the money!!! .... and didn't have an assistant or a cashier either... he just stuffed it in his midget pocket!!!! LOL!!! That was story of the weekend.
Last stop was to catch up with my long time friend, teacher, and world renowned character designer, Stephen Silver (L) and king of curves, Alberto "ART PIMP" Ruiz (R). I swear, all Alberto needs is a green suit, a pinky ring, and cane sized pencil, and he could be in contention for Mack of The Year at next years Pimps Up Hoes Down Convention.

Also caught up with Bobby Chiu and Kei Acedera from Imaginisim Studios. Can't forget the guys over at TOKYOPOP, Director of Manga Development, Jeremy Ross and longtime friend, CEO, Stuart Levy .

Vacation sadly ends after this week and it's back to animation pimpin'. I'll be putting my mack hand back on the block to pimp new episodes of Nickelodeon's El Tigre and ABC Prime-Time's top secret show.



Blogger Mark McDonnell said...

CONGRATS. Impressive,


6:17 PM  
Blogger Draw Like Crazy said...

I must say I got to see Read a book saturday night after much frustration with technical difficulties and it was well worth the wait. You guys did an awesome job. even my crazy room mate that was probablyt like the only white girl in the room really liked it.

Do you know if it will be on the internet for all the world to see anytime soon.

8:26 PM  
Blogger St John Street said...

He's heating up nah shit I think he's on FIRE!!!!!!!

12:59 AM  
Blogger Marcos Mateu said...

I like the strengh of your visual style. Very cool!

1:42 PM  
Blogger REE said...


draw like crazy: thanks for sitting through the hardships and not throwing bricks and 40 oz. at the projector screen.

the "durrty" version will be available very soon on our favorite "tube"...when, however, i do not know.

7:39 PM  
Blogger St John Street said...

Hey Kid just saw your Big Poppa stuff on Bet ill !!!

4:38 PM  
Blogger Devo! said...

mannn sounds like you had a blast!!!!

2:19 PM  
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