Tuesday, August 28, 2007


AKUMI 3: Conspiracy and Capture from Primal Instinct Productions is up and online. I assisted with storyboards and direction. Jedi Milton Pool on animation and everything else you can think of except for sound which was handled by Jedi Dave Johnson.

READ A BOOK is back on youtube.

Thanks, haters! You just keep making it stronger. It was featured in the LA TIMES on the front page of the Calendar section on Friday and The New York Times on Monday. Hell, even Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow Coalition have come out publicly and denounced the song. Here's an excerpt from a radio station interviewing both Jesse Jackson and the song's creator, Bomani "D-Mite" Armah. Like to hear it? hear it go:

In other BET news, I'm in the midst of directing their 2nd original animated music video...and this one won't be controversial...I promise. >:D

SLACKER CATS premiered on ABC Family on August 13th. I animated on Episode 5.

EL TIGRE is killing Nickelodeon. I animated on Episode 22 - "Dia De Los Manos"

Have you seen these toys? Photo copyright MultiplePersonalities from Flickr.

This is Mystique Sonia from HERO 108 which is now a cartoon that will air on Cartoon Network, UK. Mike Young Productions is handling production and a long time mentor/friend of mine, John Fountain, is at the helm directing. I'm assisting on storyboards on a few if you're in the UK...check it out...if not, eh, it'll prolly hit the states maybe in a year or two...who knows.

So, am I busy enough?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I guess you can tell by now that...I'M OPEN. I've been open but, I'm even more open to letting more people know I'm open...if that makes sense.

The problem alot of ARTISTS have is they're STUCK IN A BOX. Not just artists...but, people in general...but, I'm only speaking about artists now. They only like what they like and reject anything new. They won't bother to search for something outside of their comfort zone. Therefore, the only place left for you is...THE BOX.

Copying those same drawings from those same artists. Worshipping the same styles for years. Master one thing and never experimenting or giving any credence to anything else. Not trying to understand why "This" is a hit and "That" isn't. Always asking "remember when..."

You get the picture. There's no progression.

Now, a CREATIVE PERSON thinks OUTSIDE THE BOX. Sometimes alot of cats are just a little too artistic for me. But, true creativity...thinking in a non-conventional way to bring about something refreshing and emotionally charged...that's something.

Enough talk...if you know about these video, smile and consider yourself "in the know."
If not, who cares...look at them and judge for yourself. In my opinion, I like Healy's version better for the emotional connection. It's stronger in that aspect. Kogler's version is what I call (not in a bad way) an "eye-fuck." It is literally the video equivalent of a Dali painting. Either way, both are fine examples of creative people thinking outside the box. Much respect, peace, and blessings to James Healy, Clemens Kogler,and Chris Clark.

(HERR BAR: music by Chris Clark/ directed by James Healy)

(HERR BAR: music by Chris Clark/ directed by Clemens Kogler)

Keep searching...Keep learning.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Inspiring Beats

I was on youtube a couple of weeks ago...and I find this cat in Denver, Co named Boon Doc.
It was sooooooooo refreshing...because 7 years ago before I started drawing again...I was him. A long haired, bedroom alchemist making beats out of gold.

I don't even know this cat...but, I love him. I love him because he's pure. He hasn't been corrupted by money, the industry, mainstream styles, none of that...he's pure. and, now, becuz of the internet...he's exposed and can show you...not just his friends...but, outreach to potentially millions and be heard just like anyone else...SOOOOO INSPIRING.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a HIP HOP head. And if you REALLY know me you know that I used to make beats...back when I wasn't really feelin' art. I started on an ASR-10 and touched every hot beat machine and keyboard there was for a few years until I got hit by the art bug again.
Sadly, I stopped making beats when $$$ came into the equation...I didn't like it anymore. I would be in meetings where they'd be asking me to change things to make it more commercial so we could sell more records. Some of you are saying, "well, isn't that what you're supposed to do?" Well...yes...but, my question back to those asking that question is, "If I change my beats to sell more records, how much is that going to cost me?"

In my mind, if I changed the way I wanted to express myself creatively just to sell more records then, I actually would have short changed myself.
And, that was the day I stopped making beats.

Fast forward 7 years and here I am drawing for money. Now, people might think..."well, isn't drawing for money the same thing...don't you have to make the drawings appealing for the masses...don't you have to make clients happy?"

The answer is yes...but, with art, my FIRST love, from the very beginning of my career, people wanted me to do things for them THE WAY I DO IT. They didn't ask me to change me. And, that's the difference.

Now, in animation of course, when you come onto set productions, they are styles to conform to etc...but, if you notice, all these productions hire people that have the same sensibilities already. It's not to say that X artist can't draw Superheroes nor is it to say that Y artists can't draw Cartoony Characters...but, it's about whether or not that artist is willing to show you he/she genuinely WANTS to and is interested in embracing another way of thinking.

Since I've matured a bit, I kind of think that I was immature in not wanting to bend AT ALL with music. Just like animation, I could have still kept what I loved at heart, but, been a little more willing to dance with the devil to provide avenues for what I really loved. Nobody's saying to sell your soul, but, I'm not telling anyone to starve it either.

I think I'm gonna start making beats again. :)